Let’s have a monument to breastfeeding

Perhaps the next statue to occupy the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square should be a woman breastfeeding her child. This might assist the understanding that the primary purpose of female human mammary glands is to nourish the offspring whenever and wherever the need arises

• Amateur cricketers from overseas may be prevented from playing in England by new Home Office rules (Report, 8 August), but “Basil D’Oliveira, a South African of mixed race” played for the Central Lancashire League team Middleton as a professional. His journey to the dark, wet, mill town was facilitated by the Guardian’s own John Arlott.

• In choosing 1922 as the point the Liberal party began to frustrate progressive politics, Harvey Taylor (Letters, 2 August) forgets their 1886 split over Irish home rule and the 10-year coalition between Liberal Unionists and the Conservatives from 1895 before their merger in 1912.

• Interesting to see Vince Cable talk of older voters “shafting young people” by voting for Brexit (Report, 7 August) when the Lib Dems voted for an increase in tuition fees contrary to their pre-2010 election promises.

• Yes, hooray that codeword clues are back to two letters (Letters, 8 August). Could we now have a codeword on Saturdays? That would stop me switching to another newspaper for the day!

• I turn to Saskia Sarginson’s Saturday column each week with a sense of impending doom. Please can you request that she shows a bundle of columns to her Family section colleague Annalisa Barbieri? Things are bad enough already and Annalisa may be able to help her.